MCU Fans Are Loving Loki’s Cartoon Clock Mascot


In less than four weeks, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s rapid expansion on Disney Plus continues when the first episode of Loki premieres, and it once again looks to be taking the world’s most popular franchise into uncharted territory.

WandaVision was a reality-bending mystery wrapped in the tropes of classic sitcoms and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was a politically-charged action thriller that shone a spotlight on legacy, but the God of Mischief’s solo series seems to be heading firmly in the direction of wacky time travel adventures.

After a decade as arguably the MCU’s single most popular supporting character, Tom Hiddleston’s title antihero finally takes center stage in what’s shaping up to be a project that’s just as mischievous as the Asgardian himself. As you’d expect from Marvel Studios, the plot is being kept under lock and key, but all the footage we’ve seen so far promises a sprawling epic that finds Loki trying to manipulate the very fabric of space and time to his own advantage.

A new poster debuted yesterday, and one of the more bizarre inclusions was a cartoon clock face that many are speculating to be the animated mascot of the Time Variance Authority. Needless to say, fans were quick to become obsessed with what’s now been dubbed Miss Minutes, as you can see from the reactions below.

Since its inception, the MCU has tended to stick largely to a tried and trusted narrative formula, but the advent of Disney Plus has changed all of that. WandaVision was plenty weird, but Loki looks even weirder, and without box office dollars to worry about, it’s exciting to imagine what the future holds for the interconnected mythology on the small screen now that the creative shackles are off.