Megan Thee Stallion Reveals Her Favorite Anime

Megan Thee Stallion is an award-winning rapper, an assertive sex symbol, and an anime fan?!? The same woman behind hit singles like “Savage” and “Hot Girl Summer” also loves to watch Japanese animation like the rest of us. This comes as no surprise though with so many incredible shows and films hitting streaming services every day.

What makes it really interesting is to know just what kind of anime the music star likes to watch. In a recent appearance on the smash YouTube series Hot Ones, she talked about just how much she loves Black Clover while promoting her new line of hot sauce coming to Popeyes. She also discussed her particular love of Asta and his meme-worthy screams found in the show.

You can check out a clip of her talking about Black Clover below.

With Black Clover being in the top 100 most popular anime of all time on MyAnimeList, it just makes sense that Megan Thee Stallion would enjoy watching it. It has an excellent story premise, which you can read below.

“Asta, a kid living in poverty is determined to become the next Wizard King of his country. The problem is, in the world where magic is everything: it determines your position in society, Asta has absolutely no magic at all. However, his determination to become top 1 in the kingdom helps him get into the kingdom’s elite defense forces, the Magic Knights. He, together with his brother, start their journey to become the most respected, as well as the kingdom’s most powerful man.”

Synopsis From IMDB

Those who want to see the full saucy (literally) video with Megan Thee Stallion can find it on YouTube. If her recommendation has made you interested, Black Clover is available to stream on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu