Moon Knight Photos Potentially Reveal Major MCU Cameo

Moon Knight

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s six-episode miniseries Moon Knight has been shooting in the Hungarian capital of Budapest since the end of April, but besides a leaked image of Oscar Isaac’s title hero in full costume that’s reported to have caused a headache behind the scenes and a brief set video, the project remains shrouded in secrecy.

Ethan Hawke has teased that his mysterious villain is inspired by Waco cult leader David Koresh, but he wouldn’t reveal the character’s name, while it still hasn’t been confirmed whether or not Hannibal Rising‘s Gaspard Ulliel is playing Anton Mogart in the show, despite his talent agency listing him as Midnight Man’s alter ego on their website.

May Calamawy and Alexander Cobb are also part of the ensemble in roles that remain undisclosed, so all of the information we have so far pertains almost exclusively to Moon Knight himself. However, as you can see below, one notable MCU alumni has been spotted outside the exact same hotel in Budapest where Isaac is currently residing, with the two images initially being posted on social media just one hour apart.

Not to put too much of a dampener on things, but Ruffalo happens to be in Budapest ahead of production on The Lobster and The Favorite director Yorgos Lanthimos’ Poor Things, which co-stars Emma Stone and Willem Dafoe. While that doesn’t completely discount the possibility of a Moon Knight cameo, the actor’s gray-haired and heavily beaded appearance would indicate that he’s not in Bruce Banner mode.