Moon Knight Will Reportedly Introduce A Major Marvel Villain Into The MCU

Moon Knight

While a lot of people may be completely unfamiliar with the character, for many comic book fans, Moon Knight instantly became the most exciting addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s roster of Disney Plus exclusive shows when it was announced. Although we know virtually nothing about the project other than the involvement of Death Note and The Umbrella Academy’s Jeremy Slater as showrunner, the mere fact that Marc Spector will be making his live-action debut at some point in 2022 is enough to generate huge excitement among some sections of the fanbase.

There’s already been plenty of potential casting choices floated online, as well as tantalizing comparisons to the mind and reality-bending likes of Mr. Robot and Westworld, but in terms of actual plot details, there’s very little information available. However, a new rumor speculates that not only will Moon Knight lead to the title character eventually joining the Avengers, but the show will also set events into motion that will bring Kang the Conqueror into the MCU.

The rumor comes from Lord of the Long Box’s Mikey Sutton, and while they’ve proven to be very hit-or-miss when it comes to these kinds of scoops in the past, we’ve previously heard from our own sources that Marvel were keen to introduce the intergalactic antagonist into the franchise, and he could potentially even be set up as the MCU’s next Thanos-level big bad.

According to the latest rumor, the Avengers will seek out Moon Knight for his familiarity with ancient Egypt after discovering the existence of Kang and the threat he potentially poses, given that the time period is both tied to his own origin story and that of Kang. We know that the advent of Disney Plus is set to tie the MCU’s movies and TV shows closer together than ever before, and if the studio are indeed keen to introduce Pharaoh Rama-Tut into their mythology, then a character who gets granted their powers by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu certainly makes sense from a storyline perspective.