Marvel Fans Are Freaking Out Over The Moon Knight TV Show

Moon Knight

One of the more notable announcements from D23 is that Marvel will be bringingMoon Knight TV series to Disney Plus. Confirming news that we previously broke about the show being in development, Moon Knight delivers one of the more gritty Marvel characters to the screen in Marc Spector, a mercenary with multiple personalities who becomes an avatar for the Egyptian God Khonshu and uses his powers to fight crime.

We don’t know too much more about how the Disney streaming series will work just yet, but already fans are showing their love for the news. On the whole, folks are pretty excited that Moon Knight is finally getting his turn in the Marvel spotlight, posting as so on Twitter:

Other fans are speculating as to whether Kit Harington will play Moon Knight, as part of his recently revealed MCU gig:

It seems that some Marvel fans are new to Moon Knight, but are definitely intrigued about how the character will work, while others are keen to bring people up to speed with why the hero is so important to them:

Meanwhile, the announcement of a Moon Knight series seems to be easing the pain of the recent Spider-Man news for some fans, at least partially anyway:

It seems that Marvel and Disney are putting a huge amount of faith in Disney Plus and their roster of shows to take the MCU to a new level. So far at D23, we’ve heard about almost the entire cast of the franchise coming back for Marvel’s What If…?, as well as the major news that we’ll be getting both a She-Hulk and a Ms. Marvel TV series on the service, as well as many other reveals about already-confirmed properties.

Moon Knight is attracting a lot of different casting theories, too, including big names like Andrew Garfield and Keanu Reeves. Our sources, who were right about the series being in development, are also suggesting that a Jewish actor is the preference for Disney. That remains to be confirmed, but with D23 getting underway, we hope to see some more details on Moon Knight emerge over the weekend.