‘Ms. Marvel’ almost featured a song from the ‘Black Panther’ soundtrack

Ms. Marvel
Image via Marvel Studios

For many of Marvel’s, productions music has been an extremely important decision whether it be featured in the project prominently or not. This being the case, Ms. Marvel almost included a track from a previous Marvel Studios production.

In a post to social media, Ms. Marvel writer Bisha K. Ali revealed that she initially wanted to include the Khalid song “The Ways” in episode two of the show before realizing that it was released as part of the soundtrack for Black Panther.

When it launched, Black Panther also included its own companion album of original music crafted by Kendrick Lamar which included “The Ways” by Khalid featuring Swae Lee, along with a ton of other popular artists.

“The Ways” would seem like the perfect fit for the vibe being set in Ms. Marvel thanks to its relaxed vibe in contrast to many of the other songs on the Black Panther soundtrack which are more upbeat. Given that “The Ways” won’t be used, it isn’t yet clear what song was chosen to appear in episode two, however, fans don’t have long to wait before they find out.

Last week, the first episode of Ms. Marvel was released on Disney Plus and the show quickly became a critical success setting records for the franchise. While it is off to a strong start, it remains to be seen how critics will receive the rest of the season.

Ms. Marvel is set to premiere its next episode on June 15 with episodes to be released each Wednesday going forward until the six-episode run is complete.