My Hero Academia Season 6 Confirmed To Be In Production

My Hero academia

A sixth season of the anime My Hero Academia has been confirmed to be in production, according to Crunchyroll.

The announcement was made today after the final episode of season five aired in Japan. Little information has been confirmed for the season, but the Twitter account for the anime series released a teaser trailer with spoilers of what just occurred in season five.

The Bones-produced MHA anime is based on a superhero manga of the same name, unsurprisingly, written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. The story follows a boy, Izuku Midoriya, born without superpowers, called Quirks, in a world where such things are commonplace, but who dreams of one day becoming a superhero, too. Soon he is discovered by Japan’s greatest hero, All Might, who selects Midoriya as his successor and shares his Quirk with him after noticing his potential. Later on, All Might helps Midoriya get enrolled in a prestigious high school where he trains to become a hero.

In addition to the anime, MHA has also been adapted into a number of theatrical animated films, the latest of which, My Hero Academia The Movie: World Heroes’ Mission, proved to be an overwhelming success in Japan when it released back in August. In addition, a live-action movie adaption is also in the works, per Deadline, with director Shinsuke Sato reportedly attached to the project.

More details on the upcoming season will reportedly be announced at a later stage. For now, you can check back right here for all the latest My Hero Academia news.