Naya Rivera’s Cause Of Death Has Been Revealed

Naya Rivera

A little less than a week ago, Glee actress Naya Rivera went missing at Lake Piru in California. Yesterday, search teams found her body and now, the Ventura County Police Department has issued an official death report.

During the days that she was missing, some suspected suicide or even substance abuse. According to the report, however, which was drawn up by the county’s Medical Examiner, Rivera’s death was ruled an accidental drowning.

Her body was identified through the use of dental records and while toxicology tests have yet to be conducted, it appears that neither drugs nor alcohol played any role in the actress’ untimely passing. Furthermore, the lake in which she disappeared is known for its strong yet unpredictable currents, which have claimed many innocent lives over the years.

The day of her disappearance, Rivera and her four-year-old son rented a boat and ventured out onto the lake. In the late afternoon, their boat had drifted toward a particularly dangerous region of the water and when another vehicle owner came to check up on the vessel, they encountered only Rivera’s son, who was fast asleep. After the child came to, he told investigators he and his mother had gone for a swim, but that the former had been unable to climb back into the boat.

Naya Rivera

As is now widely known, Rivera risked her life to save her own son, whom she helped climb into the boat with the last of her strength. The actress had also entered the water without wearing a life jacket, which no doubt contributed to the accident.

Rivera’s body was later found in the northeast section of the lake, which is between 35 and 60 feet deep, with the chilling discovery concluding a taxing six day search.

RIP Naya Rivera, you will be missed.