The Best New TV Shows That Netflix Added Last Week

Legends of Tomorrow

Businesses and economies around the world may have been decimated by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, but it doesn’t seem to have affected Netflix too badly. In fact, the streaming giant has only seen an increase in subscriber numbers and viewership data since restrictions were first put in place as people increasingly struggle to find ways to occupy their free time.

Original content is thin on the ground all over as the entertainment industry slowly begins a return to business as usual, and while Netflix have released several in-house projects that have dominated the headlines for various reasons, it seems as though viewers are just as happy to re-watch something they’ve already seen before or binge the latest season of one of their favorites.

Hannibal recently cracked their Top 10 most-watched list despite being cancelled half a decade ago, and now the final run of another departed series has made its way online, with Netflix adding the final 15 of How to Get Away with Murder’s 90 episodes for fans eager to complete the set.

For those interested in more light-hearted fare, Netflix also added the fifth season of the Arrowverse’s Legends of Tomorrow last week along with the fourth season of cult favorite adult-orientated animation F is For Family, offering plenty of variety for the various demographics looking for either drama, thrills, action or laughs.

However, it isn’t all about pre-existing fictional content, with the documentary series Lennox Hill also premiering a few days back, which offers a timely and critically-acclaimed look at the lives of four medical professionals working at the titular hospital. At least during trying times such as these, we can always rely on Netflix to continue adding fresh titles to their library capable of scratching the itch of any viewer.