Netflix Just Cancelled One Of Its Most Popular New Shows

White Lines

Netflix has been pretty generous lately when it comes to renewals. Indeed, with competition in the streaming wars heating up, it seems the company is eager to do everything they can to offer subscribers a compelling line-up of original television shows and frankly, they boast an incredible roster at the moment.

One of their more recently released series is White Lines, Alex Pina’s thrilling new show that took place in Ibiza and followed a woman trying to solve the mysterious death of her brother, who was a famous DJ that disappeared many years ago. It wasn’t quite as good as, say, Money Heist – also from Pina – but it was a compelling watch and proved to be quite popular with subscribers when it debuted in May.

Despite its seemingly strong reception, however, Netflix will not be bringing the show back for another run. Star Daniel Mays broke the news earlier this week, telling NME the following:

We all just took it as red, all of the actors, that it was going to go again because it was obviously number 1 on Netflix’s ratings for so many weeks and it went all across Europe and the world and did so well. If ever there was a hit, this was it, but for whatever reason, they’re not renewing it.

White Lines

Unfortunate to hear, to be sure. Like we said above, it wasn’t quite as good as Money Heist – and really, few things are – but White Lines was still thoroughly enjoyable, featuring an intriguing plot, excellent performances and some truly colorful characters. But it seems Netflix just wasn’t happy enough with the ratings and so, won’t be bringing it back for season 2.

Still, it’s not all doom and gloom, as like we already mentioned, the streaming giant has been renewing a ton of their original shows lately. And though White Lines didn’t make the cut, many other series have (see: Wu AssassinsThe Last Kingdom and Outer Banks, to name a few).

But tell us, were you hoping to see Netflix order up another season of White Lines? Or did you not really enjoy the first run? As always, let us know down below.