Netflix May Be Forced To Cancel Cursed Due To COVID-19


There’s so much brand new content arriving on the various streaming services available to subscribers around the world that even the hottest new shows can be forgotten about in the blink of an eye, a fate that appears to have befallen Netflix’s Cursed.

The female-driven spin on Arthurian folklore had the internet buzzing when it first debuted last July, and went on to dominate the most-watched list for weeks as fans rushed to check out the platform’s splashy new fantasy series. There were reports making the rounds shortly after that it had been officially renewed for a second season as well, but since then, Cursed has almost completely faded from memory.

The adaptation of Frank Miller and Thomas Wheeler’s illustrated novel drew solid enough reviews from critics, but it never managed to sink its teeth into the zeitgeist like many other of Netflix’s biggest original shows. Alarm bells have already been ringing given that eight months have passed without a renewal having been confirmed, and insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that Cursed is at risk of cancellation.


According to the tipster, Netflix might have to pull the series or delay it significantly after the cast moved on to new projects, while the increased health and safety costs brought on by COVID-19 could also be a factor. Taking to his Patreon account, here’s what he shared:

“Netflix, due to COVID, might be forced to hold or cancel Cursed as the actors moved on with [their] contracts. But it’s not final yet, they are trying to make a way to make it work.”

The company binned a much higher rate of original shows than usual last year due partly to the required budgetary increases, and as an effects-heavy series with what appears to be very high production costs and an international cast assembled for shooting in England, continuing to invest significant money into a second run of episodes for Cursed might not be in the best interests of the boardroom.