Netflix’s Most Popular Original Show Of 2020 Is Exactly What You’d Expect

The Umbrella Academy

Netflix‘s The Umbrella Academy delivered an excellent second season this year, which saw the Hargreeves siblings displaced to the 1960s, and facing another apocalyptic event. The streamer clearly have big plans for the series, too, which will reportedly have at least three more outings, and a new study of subscriber tastes has now revealed it to be the most popular Netflix original program in 2020. While this ranking applies to the US only, The Umbrella Academy has arguably been a resounding hit with critics and audiences worldwide.

According to the findings, the superhero-themed show ranked at the top of the streaming charts in seventeen US states, enabling to beat out other favorites such as GLOW and Orange is the New Black. Furthermore, it appears that The Umbrella Academy performed strongly across different parts of the country, and likely benefited from the boost in those watching at home during the pandemic, which helped it achieve a remarkable three billion streaming minutes in the week after its release. It also seems that Netflix’s audience were even more invested in the sophomore run than its debut, which took third spot in the 2019 chart from the same study.

The third season, meanwhile, is believed to begin filming in February 2021, so we’d hope to see fresh instalments arrive by the fall, COVID-19-permitting. In terms of what to expect from the plot, there are still plenty of arcs from Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s comic books to explore, while it’s possible that Elliot Page’s transition will also be worked into Vanya Hargreeves’ development as a character.

With rumors that Netflix are considering a movie version of The Umbrella Academy, fans of the Hargreeves family have a lot to look forward to in 2021 and beyond. Indeed, we wouldn’t be surprised if the series ends up having as much impact on next year’s rankings, and as the continued popularity of OITB and other Netflix originals demonstrates, this might happen even without a new block of episodes.