Netflix Reportedly Planning 3 More Seasons Of The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy is one of Netflix’s most popular original shows, with both seasons seeing incredible viewing figures, picking up rave reviews and building a passionate fanbase. Based on a comic by Gerard Way, the series is almost a very odd take on the X-Men, depicting a family of dysfunctional superheroes trying (and failing) to stop the apocalypse.

The second season aired over the summer and Netflix confirmed a third run in November. Not only that, but famed leaker Daniel Richtman is now reporting that sources have told him that the company expects The Umbrella Academy to maintain its popularity and are actively planning a further three seasons. It’s not clear whether this takes into account the already announced third one, but it’s exciting news regardless.

So. what can we expect going forward? Well, some clues may come from the original comics. Season 1 combined the first two books, Apocalypse Suite and Dallas, though several elements of the latter also made their way into the next run. However, the show frequently changes the events of the source material, as in the series, Vanya accidentally causes the nuclear holocaust rather than Klaus.

But while the particulars might be a bit different, Netflix’s take preserves the basic plot structure, so I’d look to the third volume, Hotel Oblivion, as a hint of where we’re headed next. Of course, one element that will be particularly interesting is how they handle Elliot Page’s character Vanya. Page recently came out as trans and Netflix indicated that they have no intention of recasting the role. This means that Vanya may also transition to male as part of the plot.

In any case, The Umbrella Academy is scheduled to begin filming season 3 in February 2021, so hopefully we’ll see it air later next year. Watch this space for more.

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