Netflix Reportedly Developing Show Based On Apex Legends

Apex Legends

In its continued quest to become the definitive home of both live-action and animated adaptations of beloved video game franchises, Netflix has reportedly now turned its gaze toward a certain genre-leading battle royale.

Epic Games’ Fortnite certainly remains perched at the top of that popularity pyramid, of course, but Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment’s first-person alternative, has swiftly cemented itself in second place since launch back in 2019. It’s the latter of these two that Netflix is said to be most interested in, however, with sources having revealed to WGTC that the Apex Games tournament is headed to a small screen near you, courtesy of the streaming giant.

Unfortunately, this more or less amounts to everything we know so far, as little else besides the intention itself can be accounted for; though, if one were to speculate, there’s no end of possible outcomes for this infant project.

Our source claims that Netflix wants this adaptation to be a series (full-length or mini, à la Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, TBA) but doesn’t specify if it’ll be a live-action or animated affair. Historically, a large portion of what the company has offered (i.e. Castlevania, Monster Hunter: Legends) has belonged to the latter category, though that’s absolutely no guarantee that Apex Legends would follow suit.

Respawn has notably produced and released a number of its own animated shorts to accompany the release of each major seasonal update, so it could well be the case that Netflix intends to keep stylistic continuity with those. Whatever the outcome, we’ll keep you abreast of any further developments as and when they surface, so watch this space.