Adam Sandler Might Be Developing His Own TV Show For Netflix

Adam Sandler

If you’ve even been paying the slightest hint of attention to the continued adventures of Adam Sandler on Netflix, then you’ll be more than aware that he’s happy to continue reverting to type for the foreseeable future. Despite claiming that he’s never phoned in a performance throughout his entire career, there’s a hefty amount of evidence that suggests otherwise.

The streaming giant are said to be very keen on continuing their working relationship with the Happy Madison Productions head honcho as his output continues to be arguably the single most reliable source of popular content to be found in the entire Netflix library, with subscribers spending well over two billion hours streaming the various movies that the 53 year-old stars in and produces.

At this point, it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that Netflix are happy to give Sandler carte blanche to do whatever he wants as long as the viewing figures continue to remain consistently high, and we’re now hearing from our sources – the same ones who told us HBO Max were working on a Justice League dark series and that a Witcher prequel is in the works – that Netflix want to diversify their Sandler-related portfolio and have offered him the chance to develop and star in his own big budget comedy TV show.

Adam Sandler

Details are thin on the ground at the moment with the idea only in the very earliest stages of discussion, but a recurring role in a series would mark a huge departure for Sandler, who hasn’t been a regular on TV since he wrapped up his stint on Saturday Night Live a quarter of a century ago.

While the proposed show seems likely to follow his established comedy template, maybe Adam Sandler could surprise everyone and headline Netflix’s latest award-worthy project to capitalize on the acclaim that greeted his incredible performance in Uncut Gems. Although, that seems more like wishful thinking at this point.