Adam Sandler Reportedly Extending His Netflix Deal For 5 More Movies

Adam Sandler

The career of Adam Sandler has never been defined by quality, and if anything, the actor’s critically-acclaimed dramatic performances only make it all the more infuriating that he continues to churn out terrible comedies on an annual basis. That being said, there’s no denying that the 53 year-old has a huge fanbase, with his movies raking in well over $2 billion at the box office, while his his lineup of Netflix originals regularly dominate the streaming service’s most-watched list as subscribers have spent a collective two billion hours streaming his content.

Those are impressive numbers, especially when the overwhelming majority of his movies suffer from scathing reviews, so you can understand why Netflix would be keen to remain in business with his Happy Madison Productions company for as long as possible. So far, they’ve collaborated on eight movies, the highest-rated of which holds a painfully mediocre Rotten Tomatoes score of 43%, with several more in various stages of development.

Adam Sandler

After originally signing Sandler to a four-movie contract in 2014, Netflix extended the deal in January of this year to the tune of a reported $275 million. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones that told us the streaming giant are developing an Extraction sequel and a Witcher prequel, both of which were correct – that they’re already looking to extend it even further to include at least five more films.

According to our intel, Sandler is Netflix‘s single most reliable source of content, and no matter how many high-profile movies and TV shows they debut, his output is always among the most popular, so they want to tie him down as soon as possible in the off-chance that one of their competitors in the streaming wars offers him an even more lucrative deal to try and lure him away. While this not great news for fans of quality cinema, for Sandler’s bank balance and Netflix’s viewership numbers, it’s no doubt a win-win situation.