Netflix Will Reportedly Offer Weekly Anime Soon

The options for watching anime at home have become seemingly unlimited with all the popular streaming services getting in on the genre as well as their anime-specific contemporaries. One of streaming’s biggest platforms, Netflix, is further investing into the anime space very soon by offering weekly episodes as they air.

According to reports, Netflix will begin airing the upcoming series Blue Period weekly as it is televised around the globe on their streaming service. This will allow those who are watching along on streaming to keep up with the televised broadcast.

This new series will broadcast its debut episode on Oct. 1 in Japan, while Netflix Japan will go live with the series on Sept. 25 with episodes airing weekly after that. Those who are outside of Japan, however, will get their first episode on Netflix, Oct. 9, with episodes rolling out weekly in a similar fashion.

Blue Period is an adaption of the Tsubasa Yamaguchi manga of the same name and following a student dealing with some “inner emptiness and frustrations,” before he becomes fascinated with art and decides to try his hand at painting.

The weekly rollout of episodes isn’t something new for Netflix, however, in regard to their anime space, this is a stark change to the usual full season releases the platform traditionally does. While there won’t be an opportunity to binge through shows on release, this will be a great way for fans to get up-to-date episodes as they air around the world.