Netflix Reveals Their 5 Most-Watched Original Shows Ever


The Netflix Top 10 most-watched list changes on a daily basis, and there’ve been no shortage of awful titles that have taken up residency on the chart, so the real badge of honor is cracking the all-time rankings. Of course, as the subscriber base continues to expand with a global audience of 200 million now within touching distance, the newest releases are always going to bring in the biggest numbers.

For example, if George Clooney’s The Midnight Sky lives up to early projections and becomes one of the platform’s ten most popular original movies ever, then it’ll be the seventh one released since April 2020 to have accomplished the feat, with the oldest entry on the list being Sandra Bullock’s Bird Box, which only arrived in December 2018.

Similarly, Shonda Rhimes’ smash hit period piece Bridgerton is currently expected to generate 63 million streams in the first four weeks the series will be available, enough to make it the fifth most-watched original show in Netflix history. The titles above it, meanwhile, have all debuted since July 2019, with Stranger Things season 3 being the longest-tenured.

The streaming service’s most-watched episodic exclusive is still The Witcher, which racked up 76 million viewers, while second place somewhat surprisingly goes to the fourth run of Spanish thriller Money Heist, after it’s turned into an international phenomenon over the last couple of years as evidenced by an audience of 65 million.

Stranger Things is next with the third batch of episodes drawing in 64 million viewers, just ahead of Joe Exotic’s madcap adventures in Tiger King (also at 64 million) and then Bridgerton, which as we said above, is expected to pull in 63 million. However, don’t count against the next outing for Eleven and the gang dislodging Geralt of Rivia from his perch as the star of Netflix‘s most-watched original show, given the property’s status as the streamer’s crown jewel of television content.