Netflix’s Resident Evil Series Might Be A Prequel To The Games


Netflix continues to remain silent over its upcoming Resident Evil adaptation.

Following Deadline’s scoop outing it last year, the streaming service still has yet to officially acknowledge the survival horror series’ episodic live-action adaptation, leaving the doors wide open for speculation to run rife online. That surge of unverified hearsay came to a halt several months ago, of course, but now, the dam has burst, leading to a flood of new rumors. One of these, provided in a now-removed article by Splash Report, suggested that Albert Wesker’s children, Jade and Billie, would star as the show’s primary characters set in multiple different time periods.

Given that neither individual has ever been mentioned in Capcom’s mainline games, fans swiftly moved to theorize over the show’s canon nature. The jury’s still out on that front, of course, and not making the job any easier is yet another new batch of leaks. Last week, Netflix’s Brazillian press office reportedly released an official synopsis for the Resident Evil TV series, making some rather major revelations in the process.

If accurate, the summary reveals that events take place 26 years following the “discovery of the T-virus,” in the town of Clearfield, which has strong ties to the Umbrella Corporation. At first glance, the wording might suggest that Netflix’s adaptation will take place long after the events of even the original Resident Evil, but that’s not necessarily the case. Though incorrect, the T-Virus and that from which it is derived (Progenitor) are often used interchangeably. The latter was discovered in West Africa in the 1960s and later developed into the strain that wiped out Raccoon City by Umbrella.

Should the above turn out to be correct, then, it would mean Netflix’s series would take place in 1992, not the future, just years before the Mansion Incident. Somewhat of a stretch, to be sure, but one no less likely to be true, given the little number of official details currently available.

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