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Netflix’s slickly unspectacular new spy series infiltrates the Top 10 in 86 countries

The real question is how long it'll take Netflix to cancel it.

Based on the records being smashed left, right, and center by Wednesday since The Addams Family spinoff first dropped on Netflix, subscribers haven’t been bothering to watch much else when it comes to original episodic content. That being said, The Recruit has arrived on the scene to show that slick and polished subterfuge still packs a punch.

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Per FlixPatrol, the splashy new espionage adventure has infiltrated the Top 10 in 86 countries around the world, and it’s impressively managed to reach number one in 29 of them, no mean feat when Jenna Ortega’s Golden Globe-nominated turn as the spooky and kooky instant icon has been dominating the rankings for so long.

Netflix's The Recruit
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Noah Centineo, who probably needs the work after James Gunn’s ascension to co-CEO of DC Studios instantly spelled bad news for the planned Black Adam franchise, heads up the cast as lawyer Owen Hendricks, who finds himself way out of his depth when he runs into an asset who ropes him into an international conspiracy that threatens his personal and professional lives in more ways than one.

Reviews have been solid without encroaching on the spectacular, but as we’ve seen plenty of times in the very recent past, strong notices from critics and a passionate online following are no guarantees of a renewal. Will The Recruit live to fight another day? It’s entirely up in the air for now, but we know much better than to hedge our bets on Netflix stumping up for additional seasons of TV if the company really doesn’t have to.

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