The Witcher Adds Former Doctor Who Director For Season 2


The second season of Netflix’s The Witcher is currently going through the very early stages of pre-production, so there isn’t a lot to share with fans. Though as development picks up speed, we’re sure to get tidbits of information on the cast and crew.

The new live-action adaptation of The Witcher saga has so far received universal recognition and become one of the biggest debuts on Netflix. Fans simply can’t get enough of Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia and they’re patiently waiting for more. Unfortunately, though, the second season may not arrive until 2021, so the streaming juggernaut plans to fill the void by releasing a new anime film set in the world of the Continent.

Meanwhile, a new report has just revealed two directors for the upcoming run and they have many successful credits attached to their names. Edward Bazalgette, known for his work on Doctor Who, and Sarah O’Gorman, who’s working on Netflix’s own upcoming show Cursed, have both been hired to take on individual episodes in season 2. A third director, Stephen Surjik, who has worked on Jessica Jones and Daredevil, is also rumored to be involved with the next season.

Bazalgette has directed four episodes of Doctor Who under Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi, most notably the 2016 Christmas Special episode titled “The Return of Doctor Mysterio.” He’s also known for directing the very well-received finale to the third season of The Last Kingdom.

Sarah O’Gorman, meanwhile, has a solid resume in the television scene of the United Kingdom, but her biggest credit is also her most recent work, a new original series called Curse, which will be a unique take on the Arthurian Legend.

Suffice to say, both of these talents have had experience working on shows with a medieval setting and fantastical elements, so they’ll be a nice addition to the crew of The Witcher in the coming months. As for the rumored third director, we’ll make sure to let you know when we receive additional confirmation.

Source: GameRant