New Clips From Arrow And Supergirl Midseason Premieres Have Arrived


Less than a day after releasing the first trailer promoting the midseason premiere of Arrow that has everybody talking, The CW seems not content to rest on their laurels (pun intended) and is already treating us to full clips taken from returning episodes. Last night, we got a taste of The Flash, with today bringing new looks at both Arrow and Supergirl.

First, let’s take a look at “Supergirl Lives,” which marks Kevin Smith’s directorial debut on the series. Having already acquainted himself with DC TV by directing two episodes of The Flash, it looks as though this particular offering will have no shortage of heart along with placing much focus on the characters themselves just as his previous efforts did.

In the footage provided, we see that Mon-El has landed a new gig as a bartender, which he’s seemingly not very good at. As Smith continues to play to his strengths, the romantic tension between the Daxamite and Kara continues to mount. While we can’t be entirely sure if these two will finally get together in this episode, some significant strides could be made because the network is making it a habit to have Smith helm installments that contain significant happenings for whichever series it may be.

When it comes to Arrow, the tone couldn’t be any more different. But then again, a serious nature and high tension are but a few of the qualities that put this show on the map.

As Oliver Queen pays a visit to the recently imprisoned John Diggle, they discuss matters involving a returning Laurel Lance. Not only that, but Oliver seems keen on once again breaking his friend out of prison, to which it seems Dig is intent on handling the situation by the book. It wasn’t a bad idea to release this scene ahead of any other, as those two threads we just mentioned will likely garner much focus over the course of the next few episodes as we also continue to ponder the identity of Prometheus.

Supergirl returns with new episodes on Monday, January 23, with Arrow following on Wednesday, January 25.