New What If…? Character Posters Reveal Zombie Iron Man, Strange And Falcon

A drawing of Zombie Captain America
Marvel Comics

This week’s episode of Marvel’s What If…? is one fans have been curious to see since we first found out about the animated anthology show. Episode 5 is set to give the MCU a Walking Dead-style twist – as inspired by the popular Marvel Zombies comics, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are about to become Earth’s Hungriest Zombies. There’s been an unusual amount of promotion for this episode, including a sneak peek clip and a trailer, and now some further character posters have arrived, revealing the undead Avengers.

The first poster already introduced us to Zombie Captain America, now we have Zombie Iron Man, Zombie Doctor Strange, and Zombie Falcon. See the ghoulish new posters in the gallery below:

By now, we’ve discovered the setup of this episode. As fans know, at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War Bruce Banner returned to Earth to warn his friends about the coming of Thanos, only to find that the Avengers had gone and had a civil war and split up. However, in this reality, the Green Goliath comes home to discover the world has become a zombie-filled apocalypse in his absence. Which is, on the whole, a little bit worse.

The trailer hinted at a possible cause for the zombie virus, as an undead Hank Pym is seen attacking Steve Rogers. As he’s wearing his Quantum Realm suit, this hints that the virus might originate from the Microverse. Which could mean Hank is yet again the villain of the piece. Whatever the case, this one promises to be another dark, dystopian timeline, which would make three doom-laden episodes in a row. Maybe episode 6 will follow a reality where the Avengers just get to hang out and eat shawarma all day?

Don’t miss the latest, zombie-flavored, episode of Marvel’s What If…? this Wednesday on Disney Plus.