Nintendo Reportedly Canceled Netflix’s Legend Of Zelda Show Because It Was Leaked

The Legend of Zelda

Netflix’s heavily rumored series based on The Legend of Zelda video games was canned before it even got off the ground, it seems.

For those not aware, talk of such a thing first surfaced back in 2015 when The Wall Street Journal reported that the streaming platform had secured Nintendo’s blessing to bring Link and the titular Princess Zelda to life on the small screen. Subsequent leaks – true or not, we’ll likely never know – would ultimately put forward several high profile names such as Brie Larson and Tom Holland as potential stars of the live-action show, though whether they were even approached or signed up to the project was never ascertained.

Indeed, absolutely nothing official about the world of Hyrule being added to Netflix’s portfolio of successful video game adaptations ever materialized and, judging by newly shared information, likely never will.

According to comedian Adam Conover in the latest episode of the Serf Times podcast, Netflix and Nintendo had at one point in the past been working closely with multiple production companies to adapt the gaming giant’s world-famous licenses. One of these, says Conover, was intended to be a claymation version of Star Fox by CollegeHumor – for whom he was working for at the time. Roughly one month later, though, Conover’s boss relayed that the “secret project” had been canceled, along with Netflix’s LoZ, due to Nintendo being “freaked out” by the latter being leaked by someone from within the company.

“Then, a month later, suddenly there were reports Netflix wasn’t going to do its Legend of Zelda anymore. I was like ‘What happened?’ And then I heard from my boss we weren’t doing our Star Fox anymore. I was like, ‘What happened?’ He was like, ‘Someone at Netflix leaked the Legend of Zelda thing, they weren’t supposed to talk about it, Nintendo freaked out… and they pulled the plug on everything, the entire program to adapt these things.”

Disappointing news, then, though it’s worth noting that the events described above took place several years ago and Nintendo has since reconsidered its stance. A feature-length CGI movie based on the company’s mascot Mario has already been confirmed as in the works, after all, so there’s every chance that The Legend of Zelda could make a comeback in the future, though likely not under Netflix. In any case, watch this space for further developments.