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Paul Bettany Hoping To Return To The MCU After WandaVision

Paul Bettany will return to the MCU in WandaVision, though the actor is hopeful to remain on board the franchise even after that.

Paul Bettany in WandaVision
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

We’ve yet to learn how Marvel Studios plans to resurrect Paul Bettany’s Vision for WandaVision, but the actor has recently expressed an interest in reprising his role beyond the upcoming Disney+ series.

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The show, featuring the return of the aforementioned character and Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff, will be the first of many live-action MCU projects making their way to the House of Mouse’s streaming platform next year. Fans are positively excited to see how the appearance of these heroes in smaller scale productions will affect the cinematic universe as a whole, and what better way to kickstart things than to bring back two individuals who never had the chance to really put their chemistry to the test or even develop their relationship?

Of course, we still don’t know how the producers have planned Vision’s apparent resurrection after Thanos killed him in the final moments of Avengers: Infinity War. But based on the snippets we’ve seen thus far, it might end up having something to do with Wanda’s unexplained powers. As such, a lot of people are wondering if Bettany’s return is a permanent bargain. The actor himself wouldn’t spill the beans, but he’s certainly keen on sticking around, saying as much in a recent interview with SFX Magazine.

“I’m going to not speak on that one. I love playing the Vision. I would absolutely love to continue in some way, shape or form, in the universe. And I think that, as you will see when you get to watch this, anything is possible. We can break all kinds of rules. It’s very rich storytelling, and it’s full of many opportunities to tell all sorts of different stories. I love being involved, and it’s been a ride of a lifetime.”

If the trailers for the upcoming series are anything to go by, then the events of the story are some construct of Scarlet Witch’s brain. After all, both of these characters are a creation of the Mind Stone, so it wouldn’t exactly be a stretch of the imagination to suggest that she’ll somehow manipulate her reality to bring back Vision.

Then again, WandaVision might go down a completely different path. In any case, we’ll only have to wait a few more weeks to see for ourselves, as the show premieres on January 15th.