Paul Bettany Says Next Week’s Episode Of WandaVision Will Blow Your Mind

Paul Bettany in WandaVision
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

Some Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were left very confused and more than a little disappointed with the first two episodes of WandaVision, as the franchise entered a bold new era of episodic storytelling by delivering a completely unique and fairly bizarre mystery show wrapped in the aesthetics of classic sitcoms.

Those looking for the action-packed spectacle that came to define the MCU will have to wait for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to arrive in March, but Marvel Studios’ first Disney Plus exclusive has clearly gone down a storm with the vast majority of critics, and is still the highest-rated project in the history of the expansive superhero series on Rotten Tomatoes.

This week’s “Now In Color” finally started to peel back some of the layers surrounding what’s going on in Westview and how everyone ended up there, and Paul Bettany has now claimed that next week’s fourth episode will blow people’s minds when he responded to a tweet from Empire’s Chris Hewitt, as you can see below.

Elizabeth Olsen already admitted that the upcoming installment marks a huge shift for WandaVision, but she unsurprisingly didn’t reveal any more than that. Based on how “Now In Color” concluded, however, it certainly appears as though we’ll be getting our first glimpse into the real world machinations involving S.W.O.R.D., and how they connect to both Wanda and the elaborate realities that she’s constructed around her.

WandaVision has already shown that the Disney Plus model can result in the sort of unbridled creativity and huge risk taking that Marvel are capable of when they don’t have box office returns to worry about, and we can’t wait to see what the next six weeks have in store.