The Mandalorian Season 2 Poster Unites All The New Major Characters


Based on the sheer popularity of the show, which has seen Disney Plus subscribers dedicate over a billion minutes to the story to make it five times more popular than anything else on the streaming service, The Mandalorian doesn’t exactly need a riveting marketing campaign to succeed.

However, the various posters released to promote Mando and Baby Yoda’s adventures have been pretty uninspired so far, generally focusing on the dynamic central duo simply going about their business against various backdrops. Which is admittedly more than enough to have fans cooing over Grogu in a pouch sling.

The character posters that drop on a weekly basis are also about as standard as it gets, simply featuring the latest big name addition to the ensemble staring directly out from the one-sheet. Thankfully, the most recent design has a bit of verve and originality to it, but in an artistic decision that might not go down too well with everyone, the ever-controversial Gina Carano‘s Cara Dune is smack dab in the middle of the mid-season promotional image, as you can see below.

Sadly, there’s no place for Jeans Guy here, despite an enterprising fan giving season 2’s new cult hero his own poster, and Disney have even gone so far as to digitally erase him from “The Siege” entirely, but his memory will live on for at least a while yet. It would be cool to see The Mandalorian mimic Drew Struzan’s iconic work on the feature films now that the series is hewing closer to the expanded mythology than ever before, but this latest design is a solid addition to the portfolio of artwork nonetheless.