Rick & Morty Fans Demand A Live-Action Movie After Christopher Lloyd Teasers

Christopher Lloyd Rick

Last week, Rick & Morty fans went wild after seeing a live-action teaser from Adult Swim depicting Christopher Lloyd as Rick Sanchez and Jaeden Martell as grandson Morty Smith. Two more teasers have since dropped from the show’s network host, and fans are eager for something more than a few live-action shorts. That’s right: They want a full movie.

The idea went viral during the long weekend as more and more fans got a peek at the promo shorts. Given Doc Brown in Back to the Future was the original inspiration for Rick, it comes as no surprise that his casting was an immediate favorite among fans.

Live-action adaptations are always tricky, but Adult Swim stuck the landing with this take on Rick & Morty.

Six seasons and a movie?

Not everyone is sold on the idea, of course.

Rick & Morty’s fifth season closed this past weekend with a two-part special clocking in at a full hour. Plenty more seasons are on the way, with seasons six and seven already being written. It remains unclear if Adult Swim has any long-term plans for the Lloyd-Martell take on the series beyond a few promos. But given the fan response, it seems likely Adult Swim will revisit the concept in the near future in some shape or form.