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Rocket And Groot Team-Up TV Show May Be In Development For Disney Plus

As if shows for Loki, Scarlet Witch, Bucky and Falcon weren't enough, we're now learning that Rocket and Groot may get their own team-up series, too.

Though Avengers 4 is set to bring this current MCU era to a close, it’s becoming pretty clear that a lot of familiar faces are still going to have a life in the franchise beyond next year’s blockbuster. And among the heroes who survive the transition are apparently Rocket Raccoon and Groot, as That Hashtag Show brings word today that Marvel’s planning a team-up series for the fan favorite duo.

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It will, of course, premiere on Disney Plus along with the Loki TV show and the rumored projects for Scarlet Witch, Nick Fury and Bucky and Falcon. None of those have been officially confirmed just yet, mind you, aside from the solo vehicle for the God of Mischief, but it’s clear from everything we’ve been hearing that the studio has big, big plans for their content on the streaming service and now, it seems like they’ve got their eye on fleshing out Rocket and Groot a bit more.

Of course, plot details on what the show will entail remain under lock and key, and we should stress that this is just a rumor for the time being, but it’d certainly make sense to give the two characters their own project when you consider how popular with fans they are. Not to mention that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 may not be getting off the ground for a while. Also, there’s the fact that these lovable heroes have a history together which goes back quite a ways, meaning the series could easily be a prequel so as not to interfere with anything in the current MCU timeline.

And though some fans have expressed concerns about quality suffering with these upcoming shows, as we’ve seen with so many of Marvel’s other small screen efforts, rest assured that it’s already been confirmed that Kevin Feige will be taking a hands-on role in each project.

That certainly bodes well for both the Rocket Raccoon and Groot series, and all the others that are on the way, and with reports saying that Marvel’s giving a sizable budget to each one as well, it seems as if the Mouse House is really going all-in on their new streaming service. In other words, Netflix should be pretty worried right about now.