Roseanne Barr Says Coronavirus Is Just A Plot To Kill All The Boomers

Roseanne Barr

Surprising absolutely no one, Roseanne Barr is back at it again with a wild new conspiracy theory. This time it’s the belief that the COVID-19 coronavirus is actually a plot to kill off older people.

During a conversation on YouTube with former SNL star Norm MacDonald, Barr had this to say:

You know what it is, Norm? I think they’re just trying to get rid of all my generation. The boomer ladies that, you know, that inherited their, you know… Are widows. They inherited the money so they got to go wherever the money is and figure out a way to get it from people.

Though she’s always been a controversial star, Barr was a household name during the late 80s and all through the 90s thanks to her show Roseanne. The 9-season sitcom was a cultural phenomenon that tackled real issues facing the American working class, typically handling its serious subject matter with a perfect blend of realism and humor. When it was revived for a 10th season in 2018, those who grew up with the show were ecstatic to revisit the Conner family and see where everyone ended up.

Unfortunately, after only one season of the show, NBC made the decision to cut ties with Barr following a series of outbursts and racist comments she made on Twitter. Later in 2018, the network picked up The Conners, a renamed continuation of the original show that opened with the off-screen death of the matriarch herself so as to permanently write her off of the show.

Roseanne Barr

During her conversation with MacDonald, she seemed to also still have some resentment about that situation, too, stating that she would be looking for ways to get back at the network and her old castmates. She seemed certain that would include taking legal action against them all, saying:

I’m devising the perfect lawsuit, and I am so blessed to have that time to sit here and be able to compile my thoughts… So I can f*ck over everybody in the f*cking world over there.

Despite her frustrations, The Conners is nearing the end of its second season and is likely to soon be renewed for a third due to being one of NBC’s highest-rated comedies, proving the characters don’t need Roseanne Barr to continue being relatable to American families.