She-Hulk Reportedly In Line For Season 2 Renewal


It’s well known that not all the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Disney Plus shows are going to run for multiple seasons, with Loki and What If…? the only two of the four to premiere so far this year set to return. Anthony Mackie is getting a Captain America movie to offset the lack of any more from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, while WandaVision‘s final episode being called “The Series Finale” would indicate that we won’t be heading back to WestView.

On the surface, She-Hulk seems ideally primed to carry on for years, with Kevin Feige describing the project as a half-hour legal comedy that just so happens to be set in a world where superheroes are everywhere you look. Tatiana Maslany is no stranger to headlining fantastic TV as five seasons of Orphan Black proved, and the courtroom aspect could lend itself to almost anybody from the MCU dropping by for guest appearances.

Writer Cody Ziglar took to social media to celebrate She-Hulk wrapping production and shared an image of the gifts handed out to the cast and crew. If you look closely at the photo below, you can clearly see ‘Season One’ on the packaging.

An early casting call revealed that Jennifer Walters was eventually going to take up Avengers membership, so there’s clearly big plans in store for She-Hulk, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have her own multi-season TV show at the same time to keep her occupied in between saving the universe.