Sneaky ‘Moon Knight’ easter egg pays homage to character’s comic book origins

When a Moon Knight series was first announced to be coming to Disney Plus, Marvel fans hoped that it would manage to capture the weirdness of the character’s comic book adventures. Now that we’ve seen five out of six episodes, we can thankfully say that it definitely has. This week’s penultimate installment, for instance, both featured a moving exploration of Marc Spector’s mental health struggles and a talking hippo goddess.

There were a couple of great easter eggs, too, to two key characters from Moon Knight lore. On top of that, fans have spotted a much more easily missed detail that pays homage to two underrated Marvel legends who gave us the nocturnal hero in the first place.

When Steven witnesses Marc’s troubled childhood memories, he spots a poster on the bedroom wall of his favorite movie, the Indiana Jones-aping Tomb Busters. It’s hard to spot, but if you look at the names credited along the bottom of the poster, you can see that the film stars a fictitious actor called “Doug Perlin.” This is a tip of the hat to Moon Knight’s creators, Doug Moench and Don Perlin.

Moon Knight made his first appearance on the page in 1975’s Werewolf by Night #32. Initially a villain, his popularity was so high that he was brought back and retooled as a hero. Interestingly enough, Werewolf by Night himself is soon to make his MCU debut, with a self-titled Halloween special on its way to Disney Plus later this year. It’s yet to be confirmed if Oscar Isaac could reprise his role in it, but in the name of comic book symmetry, let’s hope he has a cameo.

For the moment, be on the lookout for more sneaky easter eggs like this one in next Wednesday’s Moon Knight finale, which we’ve been promised will be a “satisfying ending” that’s full of surprises.