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South Park Pandemic Special Scores Series’ Best Ratings In Seven Years

South Park’s recent hour-long pandemic special has earned the comedy series its best ratings in seven years.

South Park

Remember a few years ago when Trey Parker and Matt Stone said they’d “back off” from making fun of President Donald Trump on their hit show South Park? Well, it’s safe to say that pledge didn’t last. Their recent hour-long pandemic special spent a huge portion of its runtime eviscerating the orange commander-in-chief, along with subjects like Disney, police brutality, COVID-19, Build-A-Bear Workshop and lots more.

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Judging by how many people tuned into the long-awaited installment, it doesn’t seem like they should be straying from this strategy any time soon, either. The popular animated series drew in a whopping 4.05 million viewers across multiple channels when it aired earlier this week.

Comedy Central, MTV and MTV2 all ran the episode, which netted the show its highest ratings since the 2013 Black Friday/Game of Thrones outing. This also makes the hilarious event the most-watched scripted telecast on ad-supported cable so far in 2020. Apparently, folks still can’t get enough of Cartman, Kenny, Kyle and the rest of the gang after almost a quarter of a century.

South Park

Thankfully, we’ll still be getting fresh content from them for years to come. The series has been renewed by Comedy Central through 2022, which means a lot more hysterical parodies and cutting edge satire for at least a little while longer. It’s not like it’ll cure everything that’s wrong with the world, but it’ll definitely help get us through what could be an extremely tough start to what’s been a pretty dismal decade thus far.

Tell us, though, did you think the recent South Park episode was as funny as people are making it out to be, or are you growing weary of Parker and Stone’s shtick? Sound off in the comments section and let us know.