[SPOILERS] Will Reportedly Return In Superman & Lois


The CW’s upcoming Superman & Lois sounds like it’ll be a nice change of pace for the Man of Steel. Set in Smallville, we’ll follow the pair as they attempt to raise their twin teenage sons Jonathan and Jordan Kent. Presumably, there’ll still be some superhero’ing to do on the side, but I’m hoping for a lighter tone similar to the classic Lois & Clark TV show from the mid-90s.

It won’t be all domestic bliss, though. Leaks have indicated that the first season villain will be the mysterious ‘Stranger,’ as played by Wolé Parks. Two weeks ago, we told you that Parks’ character would secretly be a version of Lex Luthor from an alternative universe, a scoop that’s since been backed up by other outlets.

Now, however, we’re hearing that Parks’ Luthor won’t be the only Lex in the show. The same sources that told us he’s an alternate Lex have informed us that Jon Cryer’s Arrowverse Luthor will also be appearing. This isn’t an enormous surprise, but it could make for some juicy storytelling as the character is currently in an interesting place post-Crisis.

After gaining access to the Book of Destiny, Cryer’s Luthor replaced Earth-96’s Superman as the Paragon of Truth. This means he’s now one of the few people in the Arrowverse who has knowledge of the Multiverse. In addition, in the post-Crisis Arrowverse, he has no criminal reputation and is generally considered a hero. This means that if and when he comes across Parks’ Luthor, he should know exactly who he is and where he’s from.

And let’s face it, I don’t see any Lex Luthor wanting to share the spotlight with an equally intelligent and ambitious alternate version of himself.

Superman & Lois is scheduled to premiere on January 2021. COVID-19 delays may mean that slips a bit, but hopefully not too far into 2021.