New Star Trek: Picard Promo Spotlights Romulan Agent Narek


We don’t have long to wait until the premiere of Star Trek: Picard, with CBS All Access gradually releasing teasers for the new series. In recent days, we’ve seen a new version of Data, as well as more of Riker and Troi, building on the longer trailers that we previously received. The latest teaser for the show though focuses on Harry Treadaway’s Romulan Agent Narek and sees him beaming to different locations while holding an orb.

The brief promo, which you can see below via Instagram, introduces Narek, who’ll work with Jean-Luc Picard to investigate a new interest by the Romulans in the Borg. Indeed, the orb in the clip is most likely one of these drones, with Narek attempting to understand its purpose. This storyline is also probably tied to the part played by Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine and the general influence of the Borg over the season as a whole.

We’ve previously heard that Star Trek: Picard will be doing some more unusual things with the Borg, at least compared to what we’ve seen before. Based on the involvement of Narek, there’ll be at least some espionage going on around how the Romulans are dealing with the threat, or even a possible alliance. Furthermore, producer Alex Kurtzman has commented on what Star Trek: Picard will be doing differently, saying:

“Obviously it’s not a secret that the Borg were involved, and [Patrick Stewart’s] first instinct was not to do the Borg. He was like, ‘I did that story. I don’t want to do that story.’ And we couldn’t just say, ‘Yeah, but we loved you in it so much, we just want to do that again.’ And what ended up emerging was actually as a result of that back and forth, a very unique and very different Borg story. Definitely not one that you could have told in Next Generation. And certainly not what I think anyone’s expecting.”

Narek actor Harry Treadaway is perhaps best known for his role on Penny Dreadful, although the English performer also has parts on season 3 of The Crown and Stephen King adaptation Mr. Mercedes. He joins a cast that, as well as bringing back Patrick Stewart and other franchise actors like Brent Spiner, Jeri Ryan, Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis, includes new figures like Alison Pill.

Star Trek: Picard will be with us on January 23rd on CBS All Access, as well as internationally via Amazon Prime. What are you most looking forward to, though, in the series? With a second season already renewed, we’re personally hoping that the show will provide a suitable new act for Picard and Stewart’s role in the franchise.