Star Trek: Prodigy Executive Producers Give First Look At Villains, Show Opening, And More

Trekkies have been excited to see Star Trek: Prodigy ever since it was announced to be coming to Nickelodeon back in 2020. Today Paramount+ used their panel at the Television Critics Association to finally give fans a closer look at a lot of things in the series, including the main title sequence for the show.

While we knew Captain Janeway was set to return alongside Chakotay from Voyager, it was confirmed again that other classic characters may be set to return, possibly hinting that we might not know all of the old actors reprising Star Trek roles for the animated series just yet. We also got more information about the villains of the series.

The Diviner and Drednok were also revealed for the first time alongside The Diviner’s daughter Gywn. Drednok was described by voice actor Jimmi Simpson as, “there to serve” and looks to be a loyal robot henchman.

Alex Zalben from Decider documented a lot of information on a show in a series of tweets.

“The kids will start in the Delta Quadrant, and work their way to the Alpha Quadrant over the course of the series, meeting not just Voyager characters, but also characters from other parts of Star Trek…. Kevin Hageman says the series is all based around the show’s ship, and why The Diviner wants it. ‘That’s the whole crux of the entire season!’ …which is why they can’t talk about anything.”

For those fans worried that Prodigy will only be for kids, they shouldn’t worry according to executive producer Heather Kadin. “It had to be something that spoke to Trek fans, so they can watch it with their kids. It’s not a kids show… We’ve been able to push that envelope, so we can bring kids in… But it will really appeal to a wide breadth of fans.”

Star Trek: Prodigy is set to premiere in 2021. You can see the first look at the new villains for the show below.