Star Trek Stars Wish Sir Patrick Stewart A Happy 80th Birthday

Star Trek: Picard

Captain Picard Day might have been last month, but today is Patrick Stewart Day! The acting legend and knight of the realm turns 80 years old this July 13th and Star Trek stars from across the quadrant have taken to social media to wish Stewart the best of days – everyone from his old Next Generation co-stars and his fellow Starfleet captains.

First of all, Stewart’s loyal Number One, Jonathan Frakes shared a behind-the-scenes snap from their recent on-screen reunion on Star Trek: Picardas well as celebrating his good friend’s 80th.

Gates McFadden – AKA Dr. Beverly Crusher – shared a happy birthday message to Stewart on Twitter.

Geordi La Forge himself called Stewart “as cool as cucumber soup” and posted a recent selfie with his former captain.

Will Wheaton took to Instagram to offer bedhead birthday wishes to Sir Pat.

Marina Sirtis, who returned alongside Frakes as Deanna Troi in Picard season 1, thinks he doesn’t look his age.

Data says it best, as Brent Spiner also shared a shout-out to his pal.

Hugh actor Jonathan Del Arco responded to the official Star Trek account’s video showing Stewart’s on-set celebration of his 79th birthday – which took place on a Borg cube, no less.

As for his fellow captains, Kathryn Janeway shared a cake especially for Stewart on Instagram.

Last but not least, William Shatner encouraged his old Star Trek: Generation co-star to enjoy his day and the start of a big year in his life.

The Captain Kirk icon also couldn’t resist sharing a hilarious typo from a New York Times article on Stewart’s birthday which accidentally added an extra zero in the headline. Wow, Marina Sirtis was right – he really is looking good for his age!

Stewart will next return to the Star Trek franchise in Picard season 2, which has been delayed somewhat by the pandemic, but is expected to start shooting sometime this fall. In the meantime, happy birthday, sir!