Star Wars: The Clone Wars Star Reveals What George Lucas Thinks Of Season 7

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is nearing its end – though by this point, fans have had to say goodbye to the show at least twice already, but this time it really is for good. Season 7 is wrapping things up in the biggest way possible, too, with its final arc – the fabled Siege of Mandalore – kicking off in its latest episode. And it’s gone down a storm with fans. Not just the fans, in fact, as it turns out Star Wars creator George Lucas has been loving season 7 as well.

Sam Witwer – the voice of Darth Maul – spoke with Star Wars Holocron ahead of Clone Wars‘ final three episodes, and revealed that Lucas has been in contact with showrunner Dave Filoni to let him know how much he’s been enjoying this run of the animated series. Witwer’s hoping this “positive feedback” lasts to the finale, too.

“George has been calling Dave [Filoni] and giving him nice little comments on the episodes,” the actor says. “I really, really hope we get some positive feedback from the maker himself when this comes out. This show has such a special place in George’s heart.”

The actor recalled how Lucas, who created the series in the first place, was “so happy” making The Clone Wars in its early days, with Witwer stressing that the show has always been faithful to his vision.

“You really did just get a directive from George, and that directive got discussed and translated by Dave Filoni,” he added. “And then it went right to the actors, animators, lighters, everything. It just got done.”

Likewise, he stated that the “fun” in watching the Siege of Mandalore arc is that it “feels pure in its intention.” Witwer went on to say that it’s “cool” to him that The Clone Wars is, to date, Lucas’ last produced SW project, the last piece of the saga “that has George’s fingerprints on it.”

“I truly loved to hear that George was reacting well to [the final season of The Clone Wars],” he revealed. “And I’m happy to hear that he likes how Clone Wars is going so far this season and I really hope he likes our finale because that’s where it all counts.”

We know that Lucas is not much of a fan of Disney’s sequel movies, which definitely didn’t follow the blueprints he laid out for a potential third trilogy, so it really does mean a lot that he’s been impressed by Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7. Hopefully, Lucas, like the rest of us, will continue to be blown away across the next two episodes and then the grand finale, which airs on Star Wars Day (May 4th) on Disney Plus.