Star Wars: The Clone Wars Fans Are Loving The Siege Of Mandalore’s Epic Opening

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

It’s the beginning of the end for Star Wars: The Clone WarsThis week brought the ninth episode of the show’s seventh and final season AKA the first chapter in its final ever arc, the fabled Siege of Mandalore. And fans couldn’t get enough of it. Clone Wars has always known how to give the fans a treat, but this episode – “Old Friends Not Forgotten” – was something else. From its movie-style opening to the thrilling action and emotional content, this one had it all.

It was A LOT to take in and Star Wars fans are still reeling from its awesomeness. Here are just a few of the buzzed reactions going around on social media…

There’s only one word to say, really.

See what I mean?

If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch and be prepared to scream like you’ve never screamed before.

“Much better than every prequel or sequel of the original #StarWars trilogy.”

Freaking epic!

Literal cinema.

All kinds of emotions are being felt right now.

Agree or disagree?

As had been teased before the season began, this episode moved The Clone Wars into the actual timeline of Revenge of the Sith, meaning the Siege of Mandalore takes place within the events of the final prequel. This is truly the end of an era, then, as it’s the final time Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan Kenobi will be together. And the last time Ahsoka will see her former Jedi master until her battle with Darth Vader in Star Wars Rebels

“Old Friends Not Forgotten” might be the beginning of the end of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but we’ve still got three more episodes to go. The punningly-titled “The Phantom Apprentice” and the penultimate installment “Shattered” air over the next two Fridays. The grand finale, “Victory and Death,” then arrives on Monday, May 4th AKA Star Wars Day.