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‘Star Wars’ fans know exactly what ‘Rogue One’ spinoff they want after ‘Andor’

If Lucasfilm want to dive back into the 'Rogue One' back catalogue, then why not?

rogue one
Photo via Lucasfilm

At long last, Andor finally debuted on Disney Plus yesterday, and the consensus is that it was exactly what the small screen Star Wars universe needed.

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Untethered to fan service, nostalgia, and callbacks in a way that The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, and Obi-Wan Kenobi are not, the ground-level tale of espionage and intrigue has scored the best Rotten Tomatoes scores for any project (live-action or animated) set in a galaxy far, far away since audiences were first introduced to Din Djarin three years ago.

We’ve still got 21 episodes left to go, but despite Andor winning widespread plaudits from the fandom already, Rogue One supporters still know exactly which spinoff series they want to see next.

Donnie Yen admitted he wasn’t against the idea of returning as blind ass-kicked Chirrut Îmwe, and there’s definitely potential in revisiting the character before Rogue One, especially if Jiang Wen’s Baze Malbus was involved, too. They’re not strictly Jedi, but the Guardians of the Whills are cult heroes for a reason, and it would make for a fascinating combination of martial arts-infused awesomeness and an exploration of some deeper mythological cuts.

Diego Luna confirmed that Andor will mark his Star Wars swansong, and with the popularity of Rogue One showing no signs of waning, it wouldn’t be outside the realms of possibility for Lucasfilm to consider dipping back into the intergalactic extravaganza that the majority of folks consider to be the best feature film to emerge during the Disney era.

And besides, more Donnie Yen is never a bad thing.