Stephen Amell Shows Off His Classic Green Arrow Beard


Arrow season 7 is said to finally introduce one aspect of Oliver Queen’s character that fans have been waiting to see since the show began: the classic Green Arrow goatee. Stephen Amell’s promised us that he’ll be sporting the iconic facial hair in the new run and has kept fans updated over the past few months with how his attempt to try and grow the ultimate beard is progressing.

This week, for instance, he shared a shot of where his face fuzz is currently at. It seems he’s not a fan of the beard conquering his chin, either, as he captioned the image: “This situation is becoming untenable.” This echoes what the star joked about recently on Twitter, when he mocked his own beard-growing abilities. “Been trying to grow my beard to look like the iconic image of Green Arrow,” Amell wrote. “Five months in… I’m closer to Thanos.” Having now seen what he’s talking about, you can sort of see the resemblance to Marvel’s Mad Titan.

Presumably, the reason for the evolution of his beard is because of Ollie’s change of circumstances. In the season 6 finale, the former mayor was carted off to jail when his secret vigilantism was discovered. Seeing as he’s been locked up in Slabside Maximum Security Prison over the summer, you can imagine that he’s let his beard grow out.

And if it helps with his tough guy image, Ollie might need it, as he’ll be stuck inside with numerous old enemies – including Michael Jai White’s Bronze Tiger, Vinnie Jones as Brick and Cody Runnels as Derek Sampson. Plus, we know that Queen won’t be free immediately, as Amell’s promised us that Ollie will stay in jail past the first episode.

Be sure to tune in when Arrow season 7 shoots onto The CW on Monday, October 15th to see the actor’s epic beard in action.