‘Stranger Things’ fans declare they need these two characters to interact

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Over its three and a half seasons so far, Stranger Things has thrown together its ever-growing ensemble cast in a variety of double-acts and partnerships, and many of these odd couples have turned into firm fan-favorites. Steve and Dustin, Steve and Robin… Basically just anyone with Steve. But there are a few characters who have still yet to interact. And fans are hoping that one such oversight will be corrected before the series ends with its fifth season.

Specifically, folks have declared that we really need to see Maya Hawke’s Robin Buckley meet Noah Schnapp’s Will Byers. As one fan pointed out on Twitter, “if they were to interact it would be the funniest s**t ever.”

With Robin being so hyperactive and Will being so quiet and anxious, the two of them would be such a fun clash of personalities. But fans are convinced they would get along like a house on fire.

And, while Will has yet to officially come out on the show, a lot of people are categorizing this imaginary duo as the queer friendship they need to see.

What’s more, fans are sure that Robin would instantly pick up on Will’s hidden feelings for Mike.

And, who knows, Robin might even help Will come to terms with his sexuality.

Likewise, Will would probably work out why Robin and Steve aren’t dating straight away.

With Will over in California and Robin with the rest of the gang in Hawkins, it’s unlikely that there will be much time to have the pair meet in season four, volume two, but here’s hoping the Duffers decide to make Will and Robin cross paths in season five. That is assuming that both characters make it out of this run alive, which sadly isn’t a given.

Stranger Things 4 concludes with two more feature-length episodes, dropping July 1 on Netflix.

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