Stranger Things Writers Reveal Which Films Will Influence Season 4

Image via Netflix

Now that development on Stranger Things season 4 is officially underway, and Netflix has issued the green light for another year in Hawkins, the show’s writing team is hard at work on the next chapter.

Plot details are being kept locked away in Netflix HQ, of course, but the Powers That Be are well aware that the Stranger Things fanbase is eagerly awaiting new content.

And so, to help ease the wait, the Twitter account dedicated to the show’s writing team has formally launched Video Store Fridays, a weekly event that will identify five films from yesteryear that will, in some way, influence the creation of Stranger Things season 4. Expect more 80s references than you can shake an Eggo at!

INTRODUCING: Video Store Fridays! Every Friday, I will list 5 movies the writers talked about during the week. all of these movies relate in some way or another to season four! you ready or what demonerds?

This week, the Stranger Things writing team name-dropped five movies – specifically, The Peanut Butter Solution, The Fisher King, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, You’ve Got Mail, Ordinary People.

You’ll notice that Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey was actually released in the 1990s, and therefore falls just outside the show’s sandbox. Perhaps Stranger Things season 4 will bring Hawkins closer to the 90s? Then again, the show’s writers may only be alluding to a movie’s plot points and/or characters, rather than the year in which it was released. So many questions, so few answers.

Season 4 of Netflix’s Stranger Things has been tentatively slated for a premiere in late 2020, by which point we’ll surely know the fate of Chief Jim Hopper. Last seen deep below the Starcourt Mall (and next to the Gate, no less), there have already been rumblings that David Harbour’s fan-favorite was actually hiding in the season 4 announcement video, which itself took place in the Upside Down.