Supergirl Dropped Another Batman Reference On Last Night’s Episode

With James Olsen now dispensing street justice by making use of his martial arts skills, heavily armored costume, and high tech gadgets, it’s no surprise that some may make parallels stating the obvious. In fact, it happened just last night on the latest episode of Supergirl.

Near the start of the episode, several members of the principal cast were hanging out at a bar and discussing the recent exploits of this Guardian fellow. It wasn’t long before Kara herself interjected with the following statement that no doubt brought a smile to many faces:

“My cousin worked with a vigilante once. Tons of gadgets, lots of demons. Vigilantes are nuts!”

Although nobody is named outright, it doesn’t take a mind the likes of Mr. Terrific‘s to figure out that she was speaking of Batman, given his storied history with Superman. And, considering a man was heard to say “We’re moving back to Gotham” earlier this season, many are holding out hope for a crossover with Gotham or an outright introduction of Batman into the Arrowverse.

But just because a vague reference is dropped doesn’t necessarily mean that a team-up is in the cards. Let’s not forget that in the latter years of Smallville Chloe Sullivan spoke of meeting “a billionaire with high tech toys” and “a wondrous woman that will definitely throw you for a loop” in her travels. Granted, Batman and Wonder Woman eventually did show up in the Smallville Season 11 comic book series that followed the show upon its conclusion, but we never actually got to see them fight alongside Tom Welling’s Clark Kent in live action.

Sure, red tape between WB’s film and television isn’t as thick as it was when Smallville was on the air, but it’s important that we remind ourselves Superman exists on Supergirl largely due to the fact that he isn’t on another TV show at the moment. With Bruce Wayne being on Gotham – albeit as a child – it’s a sure bet that Fox has a firm grasp around any use of Batman on television for the duration of that particular series.

If Supergirl ultimately outlasts Gotham, however, than anything is possible – but again, that would at least be several years down the road. Supergirl is one of The CW’s highest rated shows right now and Gotham is still pulling down decent ratings in the time slot they share. And the fact that they share said time slot likely kills any chance for an immediate crossover, something many have overlooked. But, if The CW could somehow get their hands on either Batgirl or Nightwing, we would still call it a win.