Suspicious ‘Star Wars’ fans cry foul on a self-serving favorite’s true nature

the mandalorian
Image via Disney / Lucasfilm

The Mandalorians third season is now in post-production ahead of its February 2023 premiere, and the hype machine is already rumbling into action. We know that the season will show Din Djarin heading to Mandalore to atone for removing his helmet, the Darksaber will see him thrust to the top of Mandalorian culture, Grogu will continue to develop his knowledge of the Force, and that Moff Gideon is back in a story arc that Giancarlo Esposito teases is “off the chain.”

A huge player in this story will be Katee Sackhoff’s Bo-Katan. First introduced in The Clone Wars, she made her live-action debut in The Mandalorian‘s second season and looks set to square off against Din in an effort to win back the Darksaber. Bo-Katan is determined to restore the might of Mandalore above all other goals and though we’ve seen her as a hero, some Star Wars fans think she’s anything but:

Replies agree that she’ll be a major player in the upcoming season and not necessarily aligned with Din Djarin:

But is she really operating in self-interest or just trying to achieve a greater good?

Another points out that after a season spent gently mocking Din Djarin for being a Mandalorian purist, there’s one rule she will not break:

A villain with an understandable motivation is better than a mustache-twirling “evil for evil’s sake” baddie:

The season three trailer indicates that Bo-Katan will indeed be at the center of the new arc, so expect one of the most exciting moments of the season to be when she and Din Djarin finally get down to exchanging blows. Both are fierce warriors, so this could be a Star Wars duel for the ages.