Sweet Tooth Reportedly Getting 2 More Seasons At Netflix

sweet tooth

Fans have been waiting for almost two months to discover if Netflix fantasy series Sweet Tooth will be getting a second season, and while it hasn’t been announced quite yet, it’s looking to be a foregone conclusion after the platform announced the latest set of viewership numbers for several high profile projects.

The company only tends to disclose the data when the movie or series in question has been a massive success, and Sweet Tooth certainly falls into that category. The DC Comics adaptation drew in a reported 60 million streams in the first four weeks it was available, which was good enough to see it become Netflix’s sixth most-watched original English-language episodic effort ever, and it still takes eighth place on the all-time list once France’s Lupin and Spain’s Money Heist are factored in.

We’ve already heard rumors that Season 2 has been given the green light, but insider Daniel Richtman is offering that Sweet Tooth is going to be getting two more runs. Whether the tipster means it’s being handed a rare two-season renewal out of the gate or is planned to wrap up with a third run of episodes remains unclear, but it would be madness were the streamer not to pick up one of its biggest hits for at least one more whimsical adventure.

Sweet Tooth also drew rave reviews from critics, went down a storm with audiences and generated plenty of social media buzz, so all signs are pointing firmly in the direction of Gus and Jep continuing their odd couple dynamic for at least a little while, so let’s hope Netflix makes it official sooner rather than later so the hype can start building all over again.