Syfy Are Looking To Develop A Waterworld TV Show

Kevin Costner‘s Waterworld is considered one of Hollywood’s big jokes, mainly because it cost so much money and didn’t make nearly enough money back, but also because it’s a story about fish people and jet-skis, it also stars Kevin Costner. Though most would do their very best to disassociate themselves with a movie whose title alone causes people to grin uncontrollably, Syfy (as in, the TV channel) are looking to develop a series set in Costner’s post-apocalyptic pirate-world.

Dave Howe, Syfy president, came up with this idea based around the fact that whenever Waterworld is played on his channel, it regularly brings in around 400,000 viewers. I don’t think Howe understands how many people are willing to sit through that thing to be ironic nowadays (and to see Costner drink his own pee). Yes, Howe earnestly refers to Waterworld as “an underexploited piece of intellectual property,” blinding refusing to acknowledge the fact that it’s underexploited for a reason.

What do you think? Could a Waterworld TV series bring some credibility to the name? Or is this thing just destined to sink? Do let us know in the comments section.

Source: Forbes

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