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That cliffhanger ending from episode 4 may have revealed something major about ‘Ms. Marvel’

Could Kamala be responsible for her own destiny?

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel season one, episode four, “Seeing Red.”

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At the very end of Ms. Marvel’s fourth episode, Kamala (Iman Vellani) finds herself in an unexpected place that could bring her some shocking answers to the many questions she has about her family, her powers, and herself. There’s even a possibility that the young hero is actually responsible for her own origin.

In “Seeing Red,” Kamala travels to Karachi, Pakistan to see her grandmother (Sana, played by Samina Ahmed), with whom she shares a connection to both the mysterious family bangle and the train they both keep seeing in recurring visions. Sana is the original owner of the cosmic bangle Kamala’s been using and tells her about the time she had to leave India in the middle of the Partition.

On a hot summer night, Sana was separated from her father until a trail of stars appeared and brought her back to her father’s arms and onto the train. Kamala then pieces together that the train her grandmother went on has been the same one they’ve been seeing in their visions, and her grandmother confirms that the message is trying to tell her something.

Later in the episode, the ClanDestine break out of the DODC prison and go to Karachi to take the bangle from Kamala, who teams up with vigilante Red Dagger/Kareem (Aramis Knight) and goes on an intense chase through the city. During their battle, Najma’s (Nimra Bucha) weapon connects with Kamala’s bangle and the hero is suddenly transported back in time to the Partition she’s been hearing so much about. In fact, she’s at the very train station that her grandmother told her about and watches as families hurriedly try to board trains.

Kamala’s unexpected leap into the past shines some light on what could happen in episode five. Because of her ability to create hard light, it’s possible that she could be the one to create the trail of stars that will lead her grandmother back to her father. This would be possible through the magic of time travel, and since there’s been a deep connection between Kamala and her grandmother from the start, it would make perfect sense for their fates to be intertwined in this existential way.

The theme of Ms. Marvel thus far has been about destiny and Kamala finding her own identity. When she comes to Karachi, her family and Red Dagger notice her disconnect with Pakistani culture, which has been a struggle for her throughout the first season. If Kamala were to be the one to lead her grandmother to safety, she’d be directly responsible for protecting her lineage and, in fact, cementing her own fate.

In the first episode, her mother pushes against Kamala’s fantasies and asks her if she wants to be “good” like her parents raised her to be or someone with her head in the clouds. This outcome could prove that Kamala can do both, with her cosmic destiny tied to her own personal story. It’s as if it was written in the stars the entire time.

Ms. Marvel is available to stream on Disney Plus, and we should know for sure whether or not Kamala is responsible for the trail of stars when episode five drops on July 6.

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