The 8 ‘Addams Family’ actors Tim Burton must bring back for ‘Wednesday’ season 2

Christina Ricci in Wednesday
Image via Netflix

Wednesday fans are rejoicing at the news that the hit Netflix series was given the go-ahead for a new season. While new fans may be most curious as to which Nevermore Academy students are going to be kissing each other (and who might be trying to destroy them all) in the second season of the dark fantasy franchise, OG Addams fans have got their minds on one question: Which actors from the original 1990s Barry Sonnenfeld movies will be following in Christina Ricci’s footsteps to feature (or at least cameo) in the franchise spinoff?

Here are our picks for the creepiest, kookiest actors that director/producer Tim Burton absolutely must have in Wednesday Season 2.

Anjelica Huston

We don’t want to take away from Catherine Zeta-Jones’ performance as Morticia Addams in season one of Wednesday, but let’s face it—Anjelica Huston is the Morticia of our hearts, first, last, and always. There are so many different ways to bring Huston back into the franchise in season two. If she agreed to step into the role of Nevermore’s newest headmistress, the fandom might just lose its collective mind. Huston might be brilliant in a cameo as the new Grandma Addams, who has yet to be seen in the rebooted Addams universe. There’s no telling what kind of spells she could teach Jenna Ortega’s title character.

Christopher Lloyd

Lloyd is a huge fan of the Addams and Fester. While he might not be able to step into his old shoes as Wednesday’s favorite uncle with Fred Armisen having taken up the character for Wednesday, he could easily lend his incredible chops to any role the show could come up with. The Gates family patriarch, father of Garrett and Laurel (played by Ricci) supposedly drank himself to death—but what if he didn’t? Lloyd showing up as the missing Garrett would be a great way for him to flex his incredible talents as a bad guy (remember Who Framed Roger Rabbit?) and give OG fans reason to celebrate.

Joan Cusack

Sure, The Hyde was an impressive big bad for the new show but there is no comparison to the Baddest Addams big bad of all: Debbie.

Joan Cusack’s black widow character came within an eyelash of electrocuting the entire Addams clan, including her husband, Fester, in Addams Family Values. Cusack enhances absolutely everything she ever does and could easily play any role in season two, but it would be incredible to see her play a major villain and threat to Nevermore in a shout-out to one of her best roles ever.

David Krumholtz

David Krumholtz is riding the nostalgia wave lately, returning as Head Elf Bernard in The Santa Clauses, the mini-series sequel to the original Santa Clause movies. Why not let him do the same for Wednesday? Krumholtz played Joel, Wednesday’s first boyfriend and fellow Camp Chippewa defector in Addams Family Values. Bringing him back as an ally of the new Wednesday, perhaps a new teacher, or sympathetic townsperson, seems like a no-brainer.

Mercedes McNab

McNab is a two-fer, being one of the only actors who wasn’t an actual Addams Family member to appear in both of the original Sonnenfeld films, first as a girl scout in The Addams Family and later as perennial victim and Wednesday’s Camp Chippewa nemesis, Amanda Buckman in Addams Family Values. McNab has been retired from acting for a while but maybe a juicy spot on Wednesday could cajole her back in front of the cameras. It’s easy to imagine a full-fledged “Karen” version of Amanda as a Jericho local constantly harassing the Nevermore students and faculty.

Christine Baranski and Peter MacNicol

Wednesday’s real Camp Chippewa archenemies were head counselors Gary and Becky Granger who plagued her into actually (gasp!) smiling during her stay at the summer camp in Addams Family Values. Both Baranski and MacNicol have a perfect pitch as antagonists, and it’s easy to picture them as evil Jericho PTA members or even the nasty parents of one of Wednesday’s Nevermore classmates. However, they may be best utilized in a supernatural capacity as a diabolical witch and warlock attempting to overthrow the faculty of Nevermore. It would be great to see MacNicol bring the same bad guy energy he had as Dr. Janosz Poha in Ghostbusters II.


What more needs to be said? If the producers don’t give us Itt in season two, what are they even doing?

Whoever comes back, one thing is for sure—season two is going to kill it. Wednesday season two currently has no set release date.