‘The Batman’ complete animated series arriving in three months via Blu-ray

Fans of The Batman cartoon which debuted in 2004 via Kids’ WB are getting a new compilation from Warner Bros.

A Tuesday release from the company confirmed its home entertainment division will be pushing a remastered version of the series out in February. The 65-disc box set will be available on Blu-ray and digital, and will have a Blu-ray-only package as well. Additional new features include a number of quizzes about the show and looks behind the scenes.

The award-winning production completed its run on Cartoon Network and ran for five seasons. In contrast to the earlier Batman: The Animated Series, The Batman featured a younger Bruce Wayne establishing himself as a crime fighter while balancing the needs of his civilian disguise. The series delved into more unusual and lesser-known antagonists like the Wrath, the Everywhere Man, Rumor, Killer Moth, Spellbinder and countless others known, loathed, and loved.

Vocal talents for the show included players like Mark Hamill, Robert Englund, Chris Pratt (before becoming the most divisive of the Marvel Chrises), Robert Patrick and even the iconic Kevin Conroy. In his episode, he portrays Dick Grayson’s dad rather than the character he’s most know for playing.

Apart from its broadcast, this interpretation of the caped crusader previously received a video release with The Batman vs. Dracula in 2005. A sequel in the same continuity was planned with Hush as the main villain, but as of writing, this concept has yet to come to pass.

Is there a definitive edition of a series you would like to see released next? Are you a fan of The Batman and do you have some opinions on this release, the movie or the show generally? Let us know down in the comments below.